The Tubman Battery Kit

The Tubman Battery Kit

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Your purchase includes 2 9V premium (250 mAh), 4 AA, and 4 AAA rechargeable batteries with a charger. Each battery is precharged and ready for use. 

Note: These batteries are of a higher capacity and are currently unmatched on the market. This type of battery is for those who are in need of longer-lasting and dependable batteries.  

Our team chose the name Tubman Battery after Harriet Tubman, an American pioneer who fought for the freedom of enslaved Africans. Harriet Tubman traveled multiple times from the North to the South to help free enslaved Africans. In all of her journeys, she never lost a single passenger. As far as we are concerned, no one has more energy than TUBMAN.

Our goal is to utilize our proceeds to help with research for energy efficiency. Thank you for supporting our company!